Looking for…?

Not sure which car to buy to suit your lifestyle, budget or vehicle dreams? The amount of choice of cars on the market today can at times be bewildering and not everyone wants to browse all the specifiction charts and compare which model is best for you.

Here at Platts Garage Group we want to make sure you are satisifed with your car purchase for the duration of your ownership. We are proud to represent the most popular car manufacturers available in the UK and as such have available a car to suit every  motoring budget or lifestyle requirement.

Find the perfect car for you and your family with advice and recommendations from our sales team. Need further help? Get in touch with our sales teams at our dealerships in Stafford and Stoke.

I am looking to buy...

A small car suitable for city or town driving


A car that is perfect for:-

  • easy parking
  • shopping
  • economical to run
  • fun to drive
  • being your first car

An electric , hybrid or eco-friendly car

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A car that is perfect for:

  • runs on electric or hybrid power
  • good for the planet
  • latest eco-friendly technology
  • charged at home
  • low emissions

A 4×4 or off-road specialist car


A car that is perfect for:

  • off-road driving
  • safer driving in difficult weather such as snow, rain or muddy conditions.
  • towing caravans and trailers
  • Better grip on the road
  • larger internal capacity for passengers or loads